About Vocvo

Support Centre for Adult Education

The Flemish Support Centre for Adult Education (Vocvo), commissioned by the Flemish Government, supports and stimulates high quality adult education.
Vocvo acts as an innovative and inspirational guidance service for the 13 Flemish centres for basic education (CBE) and for 6 independent centres for adult education (CVO).

We train teachers, directors and other staff, set up learning communities, guide centres through change processes, organize workshops and seminars ...

Vocvo runs a library specialised in adult education and literacy. We also edit learning materials and publications for adult education.

Prison education

Vocvo is responsible for the organisation and coordination of prison education in all prisons in Flanders and Brussels. Vocvo provides each prison with one or more educational coordinators. These coordinators work closely together with the centres for basic and adult education to realise a high quality educational offer in prison.

Flemish Literacy Plan

In collaboration with the Flemish Department of Education, Vocvo is responsible for the management of the Flemish interdepartmental 5-year strategic literacy plan.


Wablieft is part of Vocvo. Every week, over 45,000 people read our newspaper for low literates. And every two weeks, we edit an even easier to understand newspaper.

Wablieft also trains organizations and individuals in the use of clear language and we rewrite complicated texts, websites, letters ...  

Every year we hand out the Wablieft award to a person or organization that helped making the world clear for low literate people.

Several professional authors voluntarily write easy reader novels for adults for Wablieft.

Finally ...

Vocvo is part of several national and international networks. Vocvo operates in cooperation with the Flemish Department of Education, several other governmental departments, the Federation of Centres for Basic Education, pedagogical guidance services, Public Welfare Centres (OCMW), towns and municipalities, the Public Employment Service of Flanders (VDAB), schools and other organisations.

Vocvo is a member of EPALE, EPEA, and ELINET, and is one of the founding members of Klasbak vzw, the Flemish branch of EPEA.

Want to know more about Vocvo?

Contact Kaat Vansynghel (responsible for international cooperation): kaat.vansynghel@vocvo.be, telephone number: +32 15 446 502 or +32 479 26 57 10, or Inge Van Acker (our director): inge.van.acker@vocvo.be, telephone number: +32 499 39 04 61.